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Our Story

Dr. Laurie Capogna is the passionate founder of Eye Wellness and a leader in the field of ocular nutrition and health. Laurie has been on a journey of learning and discovery her entire life. As a doctor of optometry, her journey led her to specialize in comprehensive care and the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of eye disorders. Her passion for whole health, food and nutrition drove her to co-author the best-selling eye health and nutrition books, Eyefoods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes, and Eyefoods for Kids.

Now Laurie has launched Eye Wellness, an innovative vision and eye health clinic that brings together experts in the field of optometry, nutrition, fitness, and complementary medicine. Eye Wellness reinforces Laurie’s desire to reshape her practice by linking her passions with her profession. Her aim is to share her passions and discoveries with her patients.

The Eye Wellness guiding principal holds that overall health is integral to eye health. The Eye Wellness team shares Laurie’s love for awesome, tasty, and nutritious food, ocular and physical fitness, and funky and fun eyewear. These like-minded professionals are motivated by a desire to connect with and inspire patients and the public at large. The Eye Wellness goal is to preserve vision and treat disease through education, nutrition, and the best of vision health and eye wear technologies.

Women In Optometry Recognizes Women ODs for Excellence

On November 10, *Women In Optometry* presented its first awards recognizing women ODs for excellence in the categories of leadership; mentorship and education; and innovation. More than 160 people nominated women ODs for these awards; the *WO* professional advisory board voted on the final selection. We are a proud recipient...



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