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Management of Ocular Diseases

Niagara Falls Eye Care services at Eye Wellness

suffering from Macular Degeneration?Eye Wellness makes it a policy to ensure that all staff members are up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques to make your visit as comfortable and effective as possible. Eye Wellness offers treatment and relief of vision and ocular diseases. As optometric technology changes, it is even more important to select an eye doctor who has all the right optometry qualifications and follows the latest developments in eye care – since great advances have been made in the treatment of eye diseases in the past few years.

By using cutting edge technology, we can diagnose and manage diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts with greater precision. Earlier and more precise diagnosis means earlier treatment and better outcomes. Our Niagara Falls eye doctors are taking an aggressive approach to diseases that previously had few treatment options. Great advances have been made in the treatment of these diseases.

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  • Cataracts are a common cause of vision loss after age 55. Learn more about recognizing cataracts symptoms, protecting your eyes, and understanding cataract surgery.
  • The macula is the portion of the retina which provides sharp central vision, and is involved in processing the fine details of the image. The breakdown of the macula is a disease called macular degeneration.
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