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Women In Optometry Recognizes Women ODs for Excellence


On November 10, *Women In Optometry* presented its first awards recognizing women ODs for excellence in the categories of leadership; mentorship and education; and innovation. More than 160 people nominated women ODs for these awards; the *WO* professional advisory board voted on the final selection.

We are a proud recipient of The Dr. Gertrude Stanton Award for Innovation!

Nearly 120 years ago, Dr. Gertrude Stanton of Minneapolis, Minnesota, took one of the most innovative steps in the history of the profession. She became the first licensed woman optometrist in the country.

“The other award for innovation goes to a Canadian initiative called Eyefoods. Spearheaded by colleagues and foodies Barbara Pelletier, OD, and Laurie Capogna, OD, Eyefoods is focused on providing information about the nutritional value of food. The doctors wanted to bring the knowledge of foods that promote eye health beyond what was currently known. Sure, kale is great, but how much do patients need to eat? They even sent a crate of orange peppers off to a lab for analysis. It turns out that they’re one of the best food sources of zeaxanthin, as well as vitamin c, vitamin E and betacarotene. The result of their research is detailed in a whimsical, information-packed series of books: Eyefoods, Cooking with Eyefoods and Eyefoods for Kids.”

– See more at: Review of Optometry

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